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7 Simple steps to buy our home kit

Consultation and preliminary calculations

We contact you and discuss your needs and desires.
We make a preliminary calculation of the cost of the future house.

Signing of the contract and prepayment of 10%

On the basis of the preliminary price we make a sales contract,
in which the price is specified. Prepayment is required so our architects
start working on the project.

Project development and start of production

Production and packaging

Transportation - road or sea

Customs clearance

House at the construction site

We work in tandem with you, taking into account all your wishes regarding the design of your home. You can change any detail, from moving a wall, to specifying the height of each socket. Once you approve the plan, we begin production. Another 50% of the final cost of the house is required at this stage.
In our workshop we manufacture the house according to the
approved design. After production, it is packed for transportation and sent to the seaport*
Your home is loaded into a truck or sea container, then shipped by road to your country or to the seaport of destination.
Another 20% to be paid after a crossing the border.
Once the shipment arrives at its destination country, it must be customs cleared. You, as the importer, will have to pay the fees and charges required by local laws. These are usually the VAT and the import duty**.
Once all the formalities have been completed, the house sets off on its journey once again to arrive at your site. Facilities for unloading the kit should be prepared before arival - a crane, place for the packages of timber and a few people to organize the unloading.
You pay remaining 20% after seeing and touching your home kit.
* For our EU customers, the truck with the house kit travels directly from Poland to the destination
customs office by road, without transloading at the seaport.

It's high time to start assembly of the house!

** In the US and Canada, the VAT rate is zero, but there is a requirement to pay an import duty.
EU customers do not pay import duty, but must pay VAT, which is different in each EU country.
It is always the first step that costs
Contact us today to start your journey to your dream home.