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Logluxe Europe

Custom House Project: designing your unique prefabricated home

Bring up your ideas about your ideal future home and we'll design and manufacture it.
Design and Construction of houses from scratch
We offer you planning and manufacturing premium homes made of high quality glued laminated timber produced by our company. But why should you choose us?
  • We are working with complex plots, non-standard architecture, unusual layouts
  • We do landscape analysis and anchoring the house to the site
  • Orientation on the client's budget: we design what is realistic to build
  • Quality control: the project is checked by several specialist engineers
  • Designing a house based on your sketches and references
  • Large database of our individual projects
Designing a house consists of the following steps:

1. Information Gathering and Preparation
2. Providing Conceptual Design
3. Preparing Detailed Design
a) Architectural Design
b) Engineering Design
4. Coordination and Obtaining Permits (if required)
5. Production, Delivery and Construction
Once the design is ready, we proceed to the production of the glued laminated timber house to then pack it up and ship it to your site. After receiving the shipment, you can start assembly of the house. It does not take long to build our homes. Typically, a home is built from foundation to occupancy in 1 construction season (6-8 months).

Erection of a house up to 750ft² / 70 m² takes from 1 to 2 weeks. A house of 1400 ft² / 130 m² may take 3-4 weeks to be erected, given the work of an experienced construction team.