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How prefabricated log home kits are assembled?

Wooden dowels and spring assembly screw.

Our wooden house kits are assembled using wooden dowels and the spring screw connection, ensuring the reliability and durability of the structure.

A wooden dowel is a cylindrical wooden rod used to join logs or beams together. These dowels are made from strong types of wood, such as oak or ash. They are inserted into drilled holes that go through the connected elements and are tightly driven in, providing rigidity and immobility to the connection.

Wooden dowels work on the principle of friction and wood deformation: as the wood shrinks and swells, the dowel maintains the strength of the joint by slightly changing its shape along with the main material, which prevents gaps from forming and reduces the risk of deformations.

The use of wooden dowels and the spring-loaded connection makes our house kits resistant to climate changes and ensures high assembly quality.

What is the Spring Assembly Screw “Sila”?

The Spring Assembly Screw “Sila” is a specific construction screw used in building wooden houses, particularly in log houses. The primary purpose of this assembly screw is to compensate for the shrinkage and movement of the wood, ensuring constant and even pressure on the connecting elements of the walls.

How the Spring Assembly Screw “Sila” works?

The Spring Assembly Screw consists of a metal rod with a spring, installed vertically within the house walls. The spring creates constant tension, which compensates for the shrinkage and deformation of wooden elements like logs or beams. As the wood shrinks, the spring compresses, maintaining the tightness of the connection and preventing gaps from forming.
Advantages of Using the Spring Assembly Screw
  • -1-
    Shrinkage Compensation
    Wood naturally shrinks over time, and the spring knot helps compensate for this process, keeping the house structure stable and tight.
  • -2-
    Increased Durability
    Constant pressure prevents gaps and cracks, helping retain heat and improve sound insulation.

  • -3-
    Simplified Maintenance
    The spring knot reduces the need for regular tightening and adjustment of connections, making house maintenance easier.


TheSpring Assembly Screw “Sila” is a crucial element in the construction of wooden houses, ensuring their durability, stability, and comfort. The use of such screws allows for effective management of the natural changes in wood, while maintaining the high performance characteristics of the house.

We supply our wooden houses to customers with wooden dowels and Spring Assembly Screw “Sila”. Required quantity is included in the package, eliminating the need for additional purchases. This allows the house to be assembled safely and quickly, without hassle.