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Site layout | Planting a Wooden House on a Plot

Main Key to Successful Layout
Properly planting a house on a plot is the first and most crucial step in creating a comfortable and functional space. It determines the orientation of the house to the cardinal directions, the shape of the plot, and the accessibility of access roads. Let's explore why this is so important and what factors should be considered.

Orientation to the Cardinal Directions

Choosing the right orientation for the house determines the amount of natural light and warmth that penetrate the interior spaces. In the northern hemisphere, it is preferable to orient the main windows to the south to maximize the intake of solar energy throughout the day. This provides more comfortable living conditions and reduces the dependence on artificial lighting and heating.

Plot Shape

The shape of the plot also matters when placing the house. Rectangular or square plots are usually preferred as they facilitate layout and construction. However, if the plot has an irregular shape, it is important to adapt the house layout to its features to maximize the use of available space and ensure convenience for the occupants.

Access Roads

The accessibility and convenience of access roads play a key role in planting the house on the plot. The plot should have convenient access and good infrastructure for vehicles and pedestrians. This ensures convenience for residents and guests and simplifies the maintenance and transportation of various materials and goods.


Properly planting a house on a plot is the foundation of successful layout and the creation of a comfortable living space. By considering orientation to the cardinal directions, plot shape, and accessibility of access roads, it is possible to create a functional and aesthetic residential space that meets the needs and desires of its inhabitants.