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Photo of prefab modern house Yoho of 1553 ft² / 144.3 m² made from glulam logs ready to purchasePhoto of prefab modern house Yoho of 1553 ft² / 144.3 m² made from glulam logs ready to purchasePhoto of prefab modern house Yoho of 1553 ft² / 144.3 m² made from glulam logs ready to purchasePlan of the glulam log prefab modern home kit Yoho of 1553 ft² / 144.3 m² with dimensions and area of each room

Prefabricated house kit "Yoho" 123.6 m²

Shell package kit without delivery
from $68,400

Heated surface area:

1330 ft² / 123.6 m²

Total surface area:

1553 ft² / 144.3 m²


223 ft² / 20.72 m²





Welcome to the one-story splendor which is the "Yoho" house. This project is the perfect combination of functionality and style, covering 1553 ft² / 144.3 m².

With four bedrooms and two bathrooms, "Yoho" provides everything you need for comfortable and modern living. This home is ideal for a family that appreciates practicality and elegance.

"Yoho" embodies single-story luxury, offering a cozy and functional home that will serve your family for many years to come. Welcome to your new home - "Yoho"
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Our log house specification
Wall material
In our home kits we use glued-laminated timber beams as our primary construction material.
Beam Thickness
Available beam thickness:
6,5" / 165 mm
8" / 204 mm
9,68" / 246 mm
Time to Build
Given foundation is ready, this house is easily assembled and covered by professionals in 30 days.
Minimal use temperature
Depends on wall thickness:
6,4"/165 up to 5°F/ -15°C
8"/204 up to -22°F/ -30°C
9,68"/246 to -49°F/-45°C
Estimate foundation cost
Soil dependent. Normally:
4-14 USD per ft² in US/CA
70-110 EUR per m² in EU
Roof tile
All kinds of roof covering
Metal tile - made in Poland
Ceramic - made in Germany
Soft roofing - made in Poland
Partition walls
Wooden frame wall with rockwool padding - cheaper
Both facade and partition walls made with log - premium solution.
Project plan and blueprints
We prepare architectural drawings, structural drawings and settle your home on the plot of land free of charge.

Key Advantages

See, why people love and choose home kits from LogLuxe
  • Quick Construction

    The log house offers quick construction process, allowing for efficient building timelines that save both time and labor costs while ensuring a sturdy and enduring structure.
  • Energy Efficient

    Log houses offer remarkable energy efficiency, leveraging the natural insulation properties of wood to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures while reducing heating and cooling costs.
  • Ecological and Sustainable

    Log houses are renowned for their ecological and sustainable qualities, utilizing renewable wood resources and minimizing environmental impact throughout their lifecycle.
  • Durable

    Log houses exhibit superior durability compared to frame houses, thanks to their solid wood construction which withstands weathering and structural stress more effectively over time.
  • No wall insulation needed

    Insulation is unnecessary due to the natural thermal properties of the log house construction, providing inherent warmth and comfort without additional insulation materials.
  • No Finishing Needed

    The log house requires no additional interior finishing, showcasing the natural beauty of the wood while reducing construction time and cost. Though you can paint your walls any colour - up to you
  • Low weight - cheaper foundation

    Due to their lightweight nature, log houses require less substantial foundations, translating to cost savings in construction expenses.
  • Fascinating appearance

    Log houses boast a stunning exterior appearance, characterized by the natural beauty of the wood and the charming rustic aesthetic that enhances the overall appeal of the property.
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