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Prefabricated home kits made of wood in Kansas City, Missouri

We plan and produce prefabricated wooden houses for comfortable and
eco-friendly living. Ideal homes by individual projects, designed with care.

Prefabricated engineered log home kits in Missouri

We specialize in the production of houses made of glued-laminated logs, a technology that allows us to create durable and warm houses. We guarantee the high quality of our products and the durability of the houses we build. We sell and deliver our kits all around US and Missouri in particular
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Look at the projects, where people already live

We work hard every day to make our customers' dreams of their own wooden home in St. Louis, Springfield, Columbia, Independence, Lee's Summit come true.
So many details and little things to consider

We know that building your own house seems like an impossible challenge.

At Logluxe, we want everyone to be able to build their own home with ease. We take on the difficult tasks, leaving you to enjoy the small chores. A prefabricated house only needs to be assembled according to simple instructions. Preparing this simplicity is our task.

Our homes are built with you in mind, which is why we are chosen by dozens of customers around the world.

We have saved thousands of dollars and tons of time for our customers who have trusted us to plan and build their future home.

Become our next companion, on a journey that will change your life!

Do you like where you live now?

84% of people are dissatisfied with something in their homes. 49% would like to move to a better home. But where do you find a home that's absolutely perfect for you?

Apart from the fact that buying a house built by other people is significantly more expensive, it is very common for people to buy:

Cold houses that blow the budget with heating bills
• Homes that continually hit the budget due to poor build quality and expensive maintenance.
• Homes that are too small, which are cramped, or too big, where huge amounts of space go unused.
• Homes with outdated technology where rodents and insects will be your neighbors.
• Houses that someone else built for themselves, and left you a legacy of all their planning mistakes - lack of outlets, small windows and low-lighted rooms, poor ventilation and fungus in the corners.

Logluxe can help you plan and build the perfect home in Missouri that you'll never want to leave.

3 steps to an easy construction process of home

  • Calculating and Planning

    We make a project of your future house, adding every detail possible - your house has to be perfect. Then we calculate expenses and approve plans.
  • Production of House

    We produce your home kit according to the approved plans, leaving you no room for mistakes during assembly.
    Your house will be what it is planned to be.
  • Shipping Your House to You

    Once prepared and packed, we send your prefab home to you, so you could start your easy-peasy assembly as soon as possible.

What You'll Get Buying Our Home in Kansas City, Missouri

  • Durable material

    The wood from which we manufacture homes serves its owners for many decades. We assure you that the house will last for a hundred years if it is well cared for.
  • Money Saving Solution

    It is much cheaper to build a good house on your own than to buy a low-quality house that has already been built. Moreover, our houses are warm and help to save on heating.
  • Eco Materials

    Wood is an ecological material. No other home will feel as good as your natural wood home. By buying our house, you are investing in your
    well-being and taking care of your health.
  • Security and Peace of Mind

    By building your home yourself, you can rest assured that it is safe and secure. No one will take care of your safety like you will!
  • Customized project

    Make a spacious living room, add a fireplace, or equip your workspace with plenty of power outlets. The perfect home is a home planned in advance. We can help you think through every detail to build a home once and for all.
  • Envy of the Neighborhood

    A good home is always an eye-catcher. A log home will not go unnoticed among your neighbors. But don't worry - our house is good inside and out.

How does a modern wooden log home look like?

This short video will allow you to see the house from the outside and inside, take in its atmosphere and imagine that you will soon be moving into your dream home.

Check out our most popular house projects in
Kansas City, Missouri

Ready-made solutions or a prototype of something new
Ecological and warm log house
Project "Gotham" is one of our latest exclusive offers. This stylish single-story house is ideal for a small family. Our designers developed this project, taking into account the wishes of our clients and modern trends in construction.
Single-storey house in modern style
The "British" project is a modern apartment of 180 square meters with an impressive terrace of 140 square meters. This project is available in several layouts: 3 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms or 3 bathrooms and a sauna. The "British" project is where modernity, comfort and functionality meet in perfect balance. Welcome to your future home!
Single-family log house
This project is the perfect combination of functionality and style, covering 1550 ft² / 144 m².
Encompassing four bedrooms and two bathrooms, "Yoho" provides everything needed for comfortable and modern living. This home is ideal for a family that values practicality and elegance.

Key Advantages

See, why people love and choose home kits from LogLuxe
  • Quick Construction

    The log house offers quick construction process, allowing for efficient building timelines that save both time and labor costs while ensuring a sturdy and enduring structure.
  • Energy Efficient

    Log houses offer remarkable energy efficiency, leveraging the natural insulation properties of wood to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures while reducing heating and cooling costs.
  • Ecological and Sustainable

    Log houses are renowned for their ecological and sustainable qualities, utilizing renewable wood resources and minimizing environmental impact throughout their lifecycle.
  • Durable

    Log houses exhibit superior durability compared to frame houses, thanks to their solid wood construction which withstands weathering and structural stress more effectively over time.
  • No wall insulation needed

    Insulation is unnecessary due to the natural thermal properties of the log house construction, providing inherent warmth and comfort without additional insulation materials.
  • No Finishing Needed

    The log house requires no additional interior finishing, showcasing the natural beauty of the wood while reducing construction time and cost. Though you can paint your walls any colour - up to you
  • Low weight - cheaper foundation

    Due to their lightweight nature, log houses require less substantial foundations, translating to cost savings in construction expenses.
  • Fascinating appearance

    Log houses boast a stunning exterior appearance, characterized by the natural beauty of the wood and the charming rustic aesthetic that enhances the overall appeal of the property.
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7 Simple steps to buy our log home kit

Consultation and preliminary calculations

We contact you and discuss your needs and desires.
We make a preliminary calculation of the cost of the future house.

Signing of the contract and prepayment of 10%

On the basis of the preliminary price we make a sales contract,
in which the price is specified. Prepayment is required so our architects
start working on the project.

Project development and start of production

Production and packaging

Transportation - road or sea

Customs clearance

House at the construction site

We work in tandem with you, taking into account all your wishes regarding the design of your home. You can change any detail, from moving a wall, to specifying the height of each socket. Once you approve the plan, we begin production. Another 50% of the final cost of the house is required at this stage.
In our workshop we manufacture the house according to the
approved design. After production, it is packed for transportation and sent to the seaport*
Your home is loaded into a truck or sea container, then shipped by road to your country or to the seaport of destination.
Another 20% to be paid after a crossing the border.
Once the shipment arrives at its destination country, it must be customs cleared. You, as the importer, will have to pay the fees and charges required by local laws. These are usually the VAT and the import duty**.
Once all the formalities have been completed, the house sets off on its journey once again to arrive at your site. Facilities for unloading the kit should be prepared before arival - a crane, place for the packages of timber and a few people to organize the unloading.
You pay remaining 20% after seeing and touching your home kit.
* For our EU customers, the truck with the house kit travels directly from Poland to the destination
customs office by road, without transloading at the seaport.

It's high time to start assembly of the house!

** In the US and Canada, the VAT rate is zero, but there is a requirement to pay an import duty.
EU customers do not pay import duty, but must pay VAT, which is different in each EU country.

Leave your contact information so we could contact you.

If you are interested in cooperation and would like to talk about building a house according to a unique design - contact us or leave your contact information.

In an ideal scenario, the construction of a house from the start of assembly to occupancy would take no longer than 6-8 months.

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